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The story behind the assassin's teapot

 The story behind the assassin's teapot Assassin's Teapot , also known as "LiangXin Teapot" in ancient Chinese history, "LiangXin" means two cores in one teapot, which stands for two different beverages in one pot. Related:  Matcha set Original Story: It is a wine container used by Chinese nobles in ancient times for drinking & merrymaking, they are interested in tricking others with this tool during banquets, maybe that's the reason why someone is a better drinker than you:) Related: Pythagoras Cup Assassin's Tool: There is also a rumor about the "LiangXin Teapot", it's one of assassin favorite tools to assassinate their target, by using this teapot, they can easily mix regular beverages and poison together, and this caused most injustices among nobles, trick or treat, that's the killer oath. Old Man Exterior: People may doubt the figure of this teapot, and who is this old man? Related: Incense waterfall cones color chart He is