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Parker Schnabel house

Table of Contents Here's a closer look at Parker Schnabel's house. How much is Parker worth? How much does Discovery pay Parker Schnabel per episode? What company does Parker Schnabel own? Where does Tony Beets live? Parker Schnabel wife Parker Schnabel house photos Parker Schnabel wedding Parker Schnabel house net worth Where is Parker Schnabel now? Parker Schnabel is a well-known reality TV personality and gold miner, best known for his role on the Discovery Channel series "Gold Rush." Schnabel has amassed a significant fortune through his successful mining operations and other business ventures and is rumored to be worth millions of dollars. With his success and fame, many fans are curious about Schnabel's personal life, including his home. Here's a closer look at Parker Schnabel's house. Schnabel is based in Alaska, where he runs his gold mining company, Big Nugget, and his other businesses. His home in Alaska is not publicly kno