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how to burn incense cones waterfall

How to Burn Incense Cones Waterfall Style How to Incorporate Incense Cones into Your Life for a Tranquil Experience  Incense is used in many cultures for a variety of purposes. In some, it is burned as part of religious or spiritual ceremonies.  In others, it is used as a way to relax or meditate. And still, others simply enjoy the pleasant smell.  Whatever your reason for burning incense, there is a proper way to do it—and that includes burning incense cones waterfall style.  Keep reading to learn how. What You'll Need:  -Incense cones (any scent) -An incense holder that can accommodate multiple cones (this can be anything from a metal dish to a clay pot) -A thick book (this will be used to create the "waterfall" effect) -Matches or a lighter People who want to learn how to burn incense cones waterfall style For centuries, people have used incense for purposes such as meditation, prayer, and ceremonies.  Incense has also been used for masking bad smells and creating an a