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how to light backflow incense

  Backflow incense is a unique type of incense that produces smoke that flows downward rather than rising up. To light backflow incense, you'll need a holder specifically designed for backflow incense, a lighter or match, and a clean and dry incense stick or cone. Prepare the incense by placing it in the holder with the bottom end facing down (for a stick) or the pointed end facing down (for a cone). Light the incense and enjoy the visual effects and scent. When you're ready to extinguish the incense, blow out the flame or gently tap the cone. Follow these steps and tips for using, enjoying, and caring for your backflow incense for the best experience. Choose high-quality incense, clean your incense holder regularly, and store it properly. If you're in need of a new incense holder or high-quality backflow incense products, be sure to check out our selection available on our website.   Related:  how to burn incense cones waterfall How to Light Backflow Inc