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incense burner waterfall how to use:

How to use an incense burner waterfall.

 Waterfall Cone Incense burners are known for their unique designs and fascinating scenery. The working of the Waterfall Cone Incense burner looks more complicated than it actually is in reality.

 To effectively use the Waterfall Incense burner, it is important to follow certain steps as follows


The Incenseflow Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner is a perfect way to create a serene meditative space. This accessory has a unique design that shows smoke flowing down like a waterfall from incense. 

To let the fragrance flow down naturally, place a cone of incense on top of the Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner. Additionally, each incense burner will come with a sample bag of fresh incense cones.

 Further, the handmade incense burner looks seamless with any home decor since it is an aromatherapy vases ornament. Whether you’re doing meditation, yoga, or just relaxing, the Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner also makes a wonderful gift.


The Incense Waterfall, also known as a Backflow Burner, is a ceramic holder with which special incense cones are used. When you light these cones, the smoke glides along the burner to the bottom. It looks like a mountain with a streaming waterfall. Pretty cool!


Have you ever asked yourself: 

how does backflow incense work? 

We’ll share all of its secrets with you. The backflow burner uses a simple natural phenomenon. There is no trickery needed to produce the effect, just special incense cones with a small hole in the bottom. 

The waterfall is created through the use of these particular cones and the special design of the burner.

Image Credit: My Incense Waterfall

 So exactly how do backflow incense cones work? 

Incense Waterfall cones are partially drilled through from the bottom to just under the tip. This causes the smoke to stream back down through the cone instead of upwards. 

The ceramic burner has a small hole in the top where the smoke can slip through and cascade down to the bottom. But to understand how that works, we’ll need a little review of physics!


The incense waterfall produces calm and rippling smoke. It has a very soothing effect on many people, so it isn’t surprising that waterfall burners are often used for meditation besides them using some matcha tea ceremony

An example of mediation with the backflow burner is to simply stare into the flowing smoke as a concentration exercise. You could also light the incense in your meditation space and with your eyes closed, try to visualize the waterfall. 

This utilizes the more symbolic aspects of the burner. Of course, you can also just choose your favorite aroma and enjoy the fragrance for a few moments.


The incense burner is handcrafted with high-quality ceramics. Use the waterfall burner together with a wormwood incense cone which has a rich aroma and a long fragrance, helps to purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.

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How to make an incense burner waterfall.

The waterfall cone incense burner has the effect of burned incense smoke looking like the shape of water and has quite a unique visual appeal. 

Waterfall Incense burner cones use aromatic materials like essential oils to create scents or unique fragrances. Materials of ingredients for incense cones include flowers, bark, resin, and seeds that are mostly plant-based.
The Waterfall incense cone is composed of compressed ingredients like essential oils that when lit up create a unique stream of smoke flowing in the shape of a waterfall. 
Since incense smoke is heavier than air the incense is first cooled down through the hole in the cone then after being cooled down the smoke liquid passes by the hole in the incense burner.
Incense burners are made from ceramic materials designed to operate with circular incense cones. These cones come with a hole in the bottom, which gets aligned with the base of the burner. 
As a result, the combined effect of both incense cones and sticks offers us our magical waterfall cloud effect.
Waterfall Incense cone burners are also available in different sizes and styles. 
Waterfall Incense burners are also preferred as they pose minimal risk of explosion or fire. 

Waterfall Incense cone burners usually have a river or high mountain terrain waterfall design that shows smoky water flowing from the raised ground.
You would probably expect there to be a special vacuum element in this burner to create the flowing effect, but that isn’t the case at all! Ceramics, incense, and a little bit of magic from mother nature are all that it takes. 

Are you curious about how the backflow occurs and why backflow burners are so unbelievably relaxing?

 Here is everything you need to know so that you can enjoy the rippling flow of an incense waterfall for yourself.

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